B299: A.G. Amsterdam/FAU Bremen - Notes from the Class Struggle

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Groundless firings, withheld wages, bad working conditions-these and other
abuses are certainly nothing new. The large mainstream unions are often
unwilling to fight and are losing members and influence as a result. For
those employed in precarious positions, whether as immigrant or flexibilized
labor, the state often offers little or no protection. How can we defend
ourselves against the power of the bosses?

This pamphlet aims to show what small groups and unions can achieve in
workplace disputes. These examples and analyses of successful small-scale
actions should prove instructive to workers in a variety of fields from a
variety of backgrounds, whether they are in the transport or manufacturing
sector, students or illegal immigrants, or are employed in another branch of
industry. The articles collected here show that through creativity,
organization and fighting spirit small groups of workers and activists are
more than able to hold their own against the bosses. With exampels from
Amsterdam, Berlin, Bremen, Hannover u.a.


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