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Produktabbildung: human_brainwork.jpgpm: Dietzgen: The Nature of Human Brain Work: An Introduction to Dialectics

144 pages. Called by Marx “The Philosopher of Socialism," Joseph Dietzgen was a pioneer of dialectical materialism and a fundamental influence on anarchist and socialist thought who we would do well ...
Preis: 15,90 EUR*

Produktabbildung: 500_years....jpgpm: Gord Hill: 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance

72 Pages. 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance is more than a history of European colonization of the Americas [...] ...
Preis: 8,90 EUR*

Produktabbildung: sober_living.jpgpm: Kuhn: Sober Living for the Revolution: Hardcore Punk, Straight Edge And Radical Politics

304 pages. Straight edge has persisted as a drug-free, hardcore punk subculture for 25 years. Its political legacy, however, remains ambiguous – often associated with self-righteous macho posturing and ...
Preis: 17,90 EUR*

Produktabbildung: in_and_out_of_crisis.jpgpm: Panitch/Gindin/Albo: In and Out of Crisis: The Global Financial Meltdown and Left Alternatives

144 pages. Our world is in the grips of the most calamitous economic crisis since the Great Depression – and its epicenter is the imperial United States, where hallowed investment banks have disappeared ...
Preis: 11,90 EUR*

Produktabbildung: paper_politics.jpgpm: Paper Politics: Socially Engaged Printmaking Today

160 pages. Paper Politics: Socially Engaged Printmaking Today is a major collection of contemporary politically and socially engaged printmaking [...] ...
Preis: 20,50 EUR*

Produktabbildung: classpoweronzerohourscover.jpgpm: Angry Workers - "Class Power on Zero-Hours"

Alle reden von neuer Klassenpolitik...die "Angry Workers" betreiben sie...

Preis: 12,00 EUR*

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